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MCA Loans

Does your business generate 5 to 7,500k in monthly revenue?…

MCA funding (Merchant Cash Advance), is a family of financing options available to small businesses. MCA Loans – are said to be especially helpful to companies seeking liquidity but that do not have much business credit history or have low credit-ratings. Twenty-Spot Loans can facilitate MCA Loans to entities that submit bank statements with scores as low as 550.

The way MCA funding works is unique because it draws upon a company’s future receivables. For this reason, it is often a very convenient method of borrowing that provides fast capital to businesses in the most opportune amount of time. A (2019) article stated that MCA lending is especially advantageous for businesses with seasonal business cycles and unsteady cash flow. This is because the loan payment is not a fixed amount and is not due on a designated day of each month. Instead, it is a percentage of the company’s future earnings.

Since the MCA payment will be flexible, borrowers may find the APR Calculator below, (also located at this link ( Calculator), helps calculate payments and avoid confusion. helps borrowers with low credit business loans. Fill out the pre-qualification form to obtain your MCA Loan.    

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